FWC’s commitment to providing quality projects is the foundation of our company. We have the capabilities to provide multiple delivery methods based on what best suits the owner's needs. Staying focused on all phases during a construction project creates excellence that all owners value.

Delivery Methods


Our experience in managing an entire construction or renovation project from beginning to move-in, and overall understanding of the specialized processes of planning, designing, financing, constructing and operating the finished building takes the burden of project management off of the owner, developer and facility manager. FWC works with architect firms, MEC firms and other specialty contractors to ensure a project is both possible and meets the end user’s needs.


FWC inspires loyalty and cooperation working with a team of superintendents, specialty contractors or subcontractors to get your project completed. We are knowledgeable about the labor force in Michigan and have longstanding relationships with our subcontractor teams.


There are many benefits of a design/build process. By looking at both design integrity and overall construability and efficiency simultaneously, owners can prevent changes down the road that end up costing more time and money.


FWC understands the importance of community support to build or renovate K-12 school district or municipal buildings and infrastructure. We can work with you to organize a campaign to win your next bond program. We’ll work directly with Administration and Community Members to assist in educating the community members of your needs and create broad-based community support.

Phases of a Project


FWC’s pre-construction work ensures we meet your building functionality and design requirements while also delivering a financially viable end result. We work directly with the owner, developer, and/or facility manager to help you make informed decisions about design, constructability, engineering and more.


FWC specializes in commercial construction projects in a variety of markets including K-12 education, medical, office, religious and church buildings, retail, municipal, food and warehousing.


Construction projects don’t end when the build is finished. FWC provides complete post-construction close out processes including finalizing punch lists, finishing and submitting all paperwork and concluding all contractual obligations.